Once you decide that you would like to schedule a session with me, we choose a date and you pay your retainer (Total amount is $150.00, half of which is due within 3 days of booking. The balance is due the day of the session). Once your retainer fee is paid, I will email you a guide to help you prepare for a perfect time together!

Whether you are booking a session for your child, children or family, we’ll choose a location that will give you the overall feeling you want. Whether you prefer a location with a barn and country feel, a winery or something more urban, I’ll suggest locations that I know you’ll love! I will also provide you with information that will give you ideas on what to wear.

I shoot during the last 90 minutes of light. This is when light and shadows work together in perfect harmony! We’ll have gorgeous golden light while shadows are minimal, which means you’ll look your very best!


Our session will last 60 minutes. Sometimes more, sometimes less! I don’t stop until we get all the shots I want. If you have younger children, this may take a little while. If you have older children like my own, it can take less time!

I do a mix of capturing candid moments, like laughing and playing games together, to more posed shots where I guide you on what to do. If you prefer one style over the other, let me know!

I always get a mix of people together-the whole family, just the children, just the parents, the children with mom, all girls together, all boys together…this ensures that you have a good mix of images to choose from and that all relationships are photographed!

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Once we’re done with your session, I go hope and start bringing everything to life! Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll go through the images from our time together and choose the best of the best. Then I edit them so they look just how I want.

During this time, I’ll get in touch with you to schedule an In Person Ordering Session. We’ll get together in my home and you’ll view all of your edited images. You’ll also make your choices of products you want. This must be done at the ordering session and paid for. Payment plans are available for orders over $1,000.

Approximately 2 weeks after your ordering session, you will be able to pick up your order and display your beautiful photos.